You want a piece of the Stone Oak lifestyle. You've looked around at several San Antonio homes. Now, you must choose one. But before you put pen to paper, you should ask your real estate agent a few questions first. Otherwise, you may always wonder if this home is the right home for you.

What to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before You Buy a San Antonio Home

How long has this home been on the San Antonio market?

What to ask your real estate agent - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaFrom the onset, the list price may appear fine. However, if a home has been sitting on the market for a while, you might be able to offer a little less. Ask your real estate agent when it was originally listed as well as why they believe it hasn't sold yet. There might be underlying issues that should be addressed before you make an offer.

Should I ask for contingencies? If so, which ones?

Even in a beautiful community like the one Stone Oak living provides, buyers might need to ask for contingencies. But if you're competing with lots of other buyers, you might want to keep these contingencies to a minimum. Otherwise, the seller may reject your offer for another one with fewer demands. Of course, things like a home inspection, financing, appraisal, clear title, and sale of a current home are common and to be expected. Anything above and beyond that might turn a seller off. Let your real estate agent be your guide.

Do you know of any HOA assessments on the horizon?

Depending on the Stone Oak neighborhood you reside in, you may be subject to HOA assessments. These are fees paid above and beyond your regular monthly or annual fees. They could have an impact on your monthly expenses. That's why your real estate agent should find out if any new assessments are coming up soon.

What's happening in the neighborhood?

A good real estate agent keeps their ear to the ground about every community they work in. They should know whether prices in the area have begun to rise or fall and if any new developments happening soon (a new park, school, businesses, etc).

If you were buying a home, would you buy this one?

Finally, ask your real estate agent for their honest opinion of the San Antonio house you're interested in. Would they buy it? If not, why not? If the house isn't their "style", that's one thing. But if there's some other more significant reason why they wouldn't consider it for their very own (bad neighborhood, water stains or cracks have them concerned, etc), you might want to reconsider purchasing it yourself. While it's still ultimately your decision, you'd be wise to consider their professional input.

You hired your real estate agent for their expertise. Use their knowledge to help you decide whether this San Antonio house should be your next home or not. When you're ready to start looking at properties, contact me.

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