Advice for Home Buyers

June 4, 2019

How to Keep Your Escrow on Track

You put your credit in order. The perfect San Antonio home found its way to you. The seller accepted your offer. Now, you entered escrow. However, that's not where your home purchase journey ends. In 2016 (the most recent statistics), almost 4% of homes fell out of escrow. What ...

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April 16, 2019

Self-Employed Home Buyers: What Banks Look At

When you work a normal 9-to-5 job and receive a regular weekly/bi-weekly/monthly paycheck from your employer, it's easy to determine your income. But self-employed individuals don't get paid the same. And lenders want to see proof of income when deciding whether or not to approve you ...

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March 26, 2019

What are Mortgage Points and How Do they Affect a Stone Oak Buyer?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to negotiate a low ball offer. One of the suggestions made was for sellers to provide an incentive, such as paying points. But, you don't have to wait for the seller to offer this up to you when buying a ...

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March 5, 2019

Credit Mistakes San Antonio Home Buyers Need to Avoid

You desire the Stone Oak lifestyle. Who can blame you? It's an amazing place to live. In order to be approved for a mortgage loan, you must have a decent credit score. Notice, I didn't say excellent. But, the better your score, the better your interest rate. Even ...

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Dec. 4, 2018

Common San Antonio Home Buying Contingencies

Last week, I talked about what you should ask your real estate agent before you buy a home. One of these questions involved home buying contingencies. These are conditions that the buyer puts into the agreement to ensure the continuation of the transaction. Buyers can ask for just about anything ...

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Nov. 27, 2018

What to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before You Buy a San Antonio Home

You want a piece of the Stone Oak lifestyle. You've looked around at several San Antonio homes. Now, you must choose one. But before you put pen to paper, you should ask your real estate agent a few questions first. Otherwise, you may always wonder if this home is ...

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Nov. 13, 2018

Pet-Owner's Guide to Finding Your Forever Home in Stone Oak

According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 85 million US families own at least one pet. Dogs (60.2 million) and cats (47.1 million) make up the majority of pets in the average household. If you're one of these families, you might want to consider your pet's ...

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Oct. 23, 2018

How to Pay Off Your San Antonio Mortgage Early

Unless you paid cash for your San Antonio home, you're making mortgage payments each and every month. By continuing on that path, it will take as much as 30 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest to pay it off. If you recently purchased your piece of Stone ...

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Oct. 16, 2018

Hidden Costs of Buying a San Antonio Home

You're interested in buying a home. That Stone Oak lifestyle looks good. You've saved up a nice downpayment (anywhere from 3-20% of the purchase price). But the downpayment marks just the beginning of the amount of money you'll need to make this house your home. Many buyers ...

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Sept. 18, 2018

San Antonio Home Inspection Warning Signs

You've saved up your downpayment. You found a wonderful San Antonio REALTOR®. In turn, they helped you find the perfect home to enjoy the Stone Oak lifestyle. As part of your due diligence, you hire a professional to perform a home inspection. After all, this is a sizeable investment ...

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