You've invested a lot of money into your Stone Oak lifestyle. You want it to stay in good shape for the entire time you inhabit it. Keeping up on routine maintenance helps ensure that it stays in great shape for many, many years. Weekly cleaning alone won't cut it. Some areas need extra attention. Keep these three easy home maintenance tips at the top of your mind so that your Stone Oak home is ready to sell when the time comes.

Easy Home Maintenance Tips for Stone Oak Living

Regular Roof Checks

Easy Home Maintenance tips for Stone Oak Living - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaRoof damage often starts off as something rather inconspicuous. But, left unchecked, those little things turn into thousands of dollars of repairs down the road. One of the easy home maintenance tips homeowners should heed is to perform regular inspections of the rooftop. In the spring and fall, head up your ladder to look directly at the roof. Make sure the rain gutters are completely clean of any debris. Call in a roofing company right away if you see water pooling anywhere or find missing or damaged shingles.

Pest Patrol

Another one of the easy home maintenance tips homeowners need to keep on the top of their mind is to keep an eye out for pests. Mice love seeking shelter inside nice, warm homes. Can you blame them? We offer lots of food and water as well as luxurious amenities. It's a palace! But these critters also carry lots of diseases. And where there's one, there's dozens. How do you know if there are any mice inside your Stone Oak home? Some telltale signs include chewed up boxes in the pantry and tiny droppings along the wall or doorways. Also, look for small piles of dirt around holes. Check for frayed wire and tubing (such as hoses connected to the icemaker in the fridge) that show signs of being chewed on. Sometimes, simple mousetraps and insecticides can easily defeat these pests. However, for larger or prolonged infestations, you might need to call in a professional.

Refrigerator Coils

Finally, let's talk about your refrigerator. Ideally, you should purge your fridge of old leftovers, expired products, and wilting vegetables every week. Water filters need to be changed twice a year. But your refrigerator requires a good deep cleaning every season to keep it operating in tip-top shape. This includes cleaning the coils in the back of the fridge. The coils regulate the temperature inside. Clean coils lower your chances of bacteria and mold creation.

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