When you enjoy Stone Oak living, you want to share it with your loved ones. If you're interested in a San Antonio home in the Stone Oak neighborhood, you're going to want to look for certain amenities that allow you to entertain with ease. These might be different than your everyday house. So, I've provided a helpful house-hunting guide to assist you in your search for the ultimate entertainer's home. Or, at the very least, help you find a place that makes family get-togethers and friendly gatherings much easier to accommodate in the future.

House-Hunting Guide for Anyone Who Likes to Entertain

Plenty of Parking Space

House-Hunting Guide for the Ultimate Entertainer's Home in San Antonio - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaFirst, when entertaining tops your house-hunting list, look for an abundance of parking space. That may be a large circular driveway in your San Antonio home, a large parking pad to the side or a long driveway. You want to make sure your home includes plenty of space for guests to park. If the property you like doesn't include this, check any parking signs posted on the street. You might even want to do a little homework to find out what local street parking regulation apply for the home before you purchase it. Another option would be to talk to a contractor about adding parking space on the property if you're dead-set on this home being "the one".

Outdoor Living Space

For entertaining larger groups of people, including an outdoor living space in your San Antonio house-hunting makes sense. This helps alleviate the overflow so your guests don't feel crowded. An outdoor kitchen/barbecue, firepit, and lounging space create an additional hang-out area for guests to mingle and/or smoke. A covered patio provides the extra space with added protection from the elements.

Generously-Sized Kitchen Island

Everyone tends to gravitate towards the kitchen. As the host, you spend a lot of time here as well. But you don't want to be sequestered from your guests. When house-hunting, look for a Stone Oak home with a large kitchen island. That way, you get to socialize with your guests as you put the finishing touches on hors d'oeuvres and dinner. If the kitchen doesn't already include a large kitchen island, make sure it has enough space for you to add one later.

Main Floor Bathroom

Multi-level living should include bathrooms on each floor. Guests don't want to have to traipse upstairs in order to use the restroom. When house-hunting, look for at least one powder room on the main floor. If you have a basement, it helps to also have a powder room located here as well. 

Bar Area

Of course you'll want your own bar when you entertain guests. Now, it doesn't have to be a full-on pub. As long as there's enough space to stock glasses, alcohol, and any mix-ins necessary, it works fine as a designated bar area.

Lots of Storage

Homeowners who like to entertain need lots of storage space. Look for a butler's pantry, built-in cabinets or organizational units in the cabinets. These increase your storage capacity in and around your San Antonio home.

Guest Room

Finally, when you throw a party, you tend to have stragglers. Sometimes, people overindulge. For their safety, offer to let them stay the night. For that, you'll need an extra bedroom. Or, at the very least, an extra bed. Blow-up mattresses are fine, but a Murphy bed allows you to turn your home office, studio, or any other room into an instant guest room. If your San Antonio home doesn't include a Murphy bed, you can always add one later on. Keep this idea in mind when house-hunting so that you can identify a good area to install one.

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