Replacing a roof on your San Antonio home can be expensive. However, with proper maintenance and a little effort on your part, you might go 20 to 30 years before having to replace it altogether. Even if you own a newly constructed home, you should regularly check the roof to keep it in tip-top shape. Learn how to extend the life of your roof below.

How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Inspect it Annually

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First, schedule a time once a year to get up on your roof for a close inspection. The best time to do this is on a clear, windless, sunny day. Wait a few days after rainfall to ensure any precipitation has dried up. Be on the lookout for broken or cracked tiles or shingles. Replace them right away. And don't just install newer materials over older ones. Completely remove the damaged roofing and replace it with all new materials. Otherwise, you risk a larger expense when replacing the roof later. It also decreases the new material's lifetime expectancy. If you're unsure about getting on the roof yourself, schedule an inspection with a pro. It's well worth the cost of a professional visit to maintain the integrity of your roof.

Check the Chimney

When you make your annual inspection of the roof, don't forget to check the chimney, vents, and flashing for cracks. Stone Oak living means enjoying the conveniences of modern life in a luxury setting. Extend the life of your roof by also checking for cracks or breaks around any skylights, satellites, and rooftop cooling units. You want to avoid any water leakage seeping into your San Antonio home.

Gutter Clean-Up

Finally, keep your gutters free of debris. Twice a year (first of spring and during the fall), check your gutters for leaves and trash. Blocked gutters allow water to pool up on your roof. This increase in weight can degrade the roofing materials if gone unchecked. If you find any plants growing on your roof, get rid of them immediately. Their roots may take hold and work their way into your San Antonio home, creating a crack for water to trickle through.

Have you ever faced any problems with your roofing before? What happened and how did you fix it? Is there anything you would have done differently to avoid this issue? Please feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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