A spacious master bedroom with walk-in closets. An eat-in kitchen. Nice, open floor plans. No one turns these niceties down. However, today's buyers increasingly turn towards outdoor spaces when considering which houses to purchase. After all, nature features prominently in the Stone Oak lifestyle. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the exterior of your home as well as the interior when preparing your property for the market. Here are a few landscaping ideas you might want to consider to appeal to today's home buyer.

Landscaping Ideas That Help You Sell Your Home

Fill in the Gaps

Landscaping ideas that sell San Antonio homes - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaGive your lawn the once-over. Do you see brown patches? One of the uber-important landscaping ideas you need to consider if you want to sell your home is to reseed or resod. A well-kept, freshly manicured lawn increases your curb appeal immeasurably. Besides, you don't want to have the ugliest facade in the neighborhood, do you?

Flower Power

Flowers add natural beauty to any landscape. Stick to native flowers like Feather Dalea (featherplume), Texas Mock Orange, Woods' Rose, Cherry and Mountain Sage, and Honeysuckle. Since they are native to the area, they work well with our humid climate. Visit a local nursery or the garden center at your local home improvement store to find out which plants work best for you.

Let There be Light

Never underestimate the value of good lighting. Another one of the landscaping ideas you should take into consideration is adding outdoor lighting. Many home improvement stores offer a selection of various solar-powered outdoor lights. They are super-easy to install and require no search for an outlet to plug into or extra wiring for electricity. Hang lights around your patio cover. Put solar-powered lanterns on your outdoor table. Use higher wattage bulbs in your exterior fixtures. It's amazing how a few well-placed light sources can totally transform a backyard from day to night.

Outdoor Staging

You decluttered your San Antonio home. You completed your spring cleaning weeks ago. It is now clean, clear, and squeak-free. The entire house has been given the "once over" to get rid of anything that might hurt your chances for a home sale, including the "silly things". Don't forget to pay attention to the exterior of your home when staging it to sell. I know. This isn't exactly a landscaping idea. But you should add it to your "to do" list. Replace old, worn out pads on your patio furniture. Create a lovely seating area with chairs, colorful pillows, a table, lighting, and an area rug. Set your outdoor table as if you're preparing for a barbecue. Make buyers feel like they could just step in and start entertaining at a moment's notice.

Utilize these landscaping ideas to appeal to today's San Antonio home buyers. They won't break your bank but they could increase your chances of a faster sale. So, they're well worth the effort.

LUX Move Up* by Christine Aldrete Banks, CRS, SRS, RSPS