According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 85 million US families own at least one pet. Dogs (60.2 million) and cats (47.1 million) make up the majority of pets in the average household. If you're one of these families, you might want to consider your pet's needs as well as your own when it comes to Stone Oak living. As you tour several San Antonio homes, use this pet-owner guide to finding your forever home in Stone Oak.

Pet Lover's Guide to Buying a Stone Oak Home

Local Laws

Pet-Owner's Guide to Finding Your Forever Home in Stone Oak - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaYou may love pets but your neighborhood might not. Luckily, Stone Oak is extremely pet-friendly. San Antonio allows as many as eight cats, five dogs or a combination of the both that doesn't exceed eight animals total. While no dog breed is banned outright in San Antonio, vicious dog laws do apply. Also, some of the more exotic animals (monkeys, wolf hybrids, coyotes, poisonous reptiles, and skunks among others) cannot be housed by private owners at a residence. For more information, please visit the City of San Antonio's animal codes here. If you have any questions, talk to the City.


Another area pet-friendly households should think about in a Stone Oak home is the flooring. Carpets get dirty and ripped up from muddy claws. Hardwood floors can get expensive. But, if you really want a wood floor, consider the harder woods, such as bamboo, walnut, oak, cherry or maple. Distressed hardwoods hide scratches much easier. Cork, laminate and stone tiles also work well in households that contain pets. While easy to clean, laminate and stone are also very slippery for paws to roam around on.


Like people, animals have a tough time negotiating the stairs as they age. Another consideration to take into account is that bare stairs can be slippery. If you do opt for a multi-level Stone Oak home, look for one with a carpet runner. Or, add one yourself once you move in. These help your pooch have something to grab onto while they traverse the stairways.


Finally, is the neighborhood conducive to pet living? Your furry friends need lots of room to play and walk around. Several of the local Stone Oak restaurants, businesses, and parks allow leashed dogs inside. More than two dozen veterinarians provide services to San Antonio pets. Panther Springs Park provides separate gated areas for large and small dogs to socialize right here in Stone Oak.

Keep all of these in mind when searching for your next property. Ask questions if you need to. Contact me when you're ready to start looking. I'll help you and your fur babies find the perfect forever home that fits everyone's needs.

LUX Move Up* by Christine Aldrete Banks, CRS, SRS, RSPS