San Antonio offers many things to many people. Stone Oak Living provides a safe lifestyle to raise a family or a lovely place to live out your twilight years. San Antonio schools serve children up with some of the best education in the state. The city also ranked #3 on US News and World Report's "Best Places to Retire in the USA" list. No wonder so many people want to live here. An important step in the San Antonio home buying process involves the home inspection. This provides an educated glimpse of what might not be seen during a typical walk-through. Here's what San Antonio buyers need to know about home inspections.

What San Antonio Buyers Need to Know About Home Inspections

Don't Skimp on the Inspector

Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaFirst, do your homework. Not all inspectors are the same. When it comes to home inspections, experience trumps inexpensive every time. Talk to your San Antonio real estate specialist about their recommendations for a reliable and competent inspector. They work with professionals of all types every single day. So, they're a great source of information about who to contact.

Be There, But Not Too Much

San Antonio buyers are welcome to be present when their home is being inspected. In fact, it's strongly encouraged. This gives you the opportunity to ask the inspector questions that might arise. If you're unsure about the severity of a potential issue the inspector notices, ask them to clarify it for you on the spot. However, avoid hovering. Let the pro do their job. Peppering the inspector with question after question could prevent them from doing their job properly, creating potential problems for you once you're settled into your new home.

Nothing's Perfect

When reading your home inspection report, remember, nothing's perfect. Every home contains flaws, even new construction. You must figure out which issues should be addressed right away, which can wait, and which ones are too big for you to take on. Talk to your agent about negotiating repairs of the bigger problems into your sales agreement. But, don't nitpick the repair list to death. The seller most likely won't fix everything single thing on the list. But there could be wiggle room to negotiate.

Inspect Again

Did the seller agree to fix some of the issues found in your home inspection before the final sale? Then have your inspector come back out to look at the repairs. Once they sign off that all looks good, you can feel secure continuing on with your San Antonio home sale.

Just Do It

Finally, don't just forget home inspections altogether. Unless you or your spouse are a professional home inspector, pay the money for a pro. As I stated before, every home has its flaws...even newly constructed ones. You may not see these problems during your initial walk-through. Home inspections performed by competent, qualified inspectors help identify potential issues (both big and small). This could be one of the biggest investments you make in your life. Spending a few hundred dollars to make sure it's sound is just smart.

Have you ever had a home inspection that revealed something you weren't aware of when you started your home buying process? What was it? Did it change your decision to purchase that property? Why? Please tell me your story in the comments below.

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