Just last week, hail pummeled the San Antonio area. With the hail storms came property damage for many homeowners. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, so do scammers. Avoid becoming prey for these despicable thieves. Watch out for these San Antonio roof repair scams that might pop up in the next few weeks.

How to Avoid San Antonio Roof Repair Scams

Knock, Knock

San Antonio Roof Repair Scams - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaSomeone claiming to represent a company who repairs roofs should be looked at with a cautious eye. They might state that they work with insurance companies and can handle any claim you have to repair your roof damage themselves. However, you didn't purchase your insurance from someone knocking at your door. Why would you trust an unsolicited salesman just because they showed up at your door? When someone you've contacted comes to check out your roof for an estimate, make sure you arrange a time beforehand. And always check their ID.

I'm From the Claims Department

Have you ever received a phone call that starts off like this? "Hello. I'm from your credit card company." They don't say which credit card company. They just give a generic term. Sometimes, scammers use the "I'm from the claims department" line to get personal information from you. Take down their name and number. Then, call the phone number you have on file for your insurance company to verify whether this is legitimate or not.

Questionable Promises

Another way to spot San Antonio roof repair scams is by certain promises they might make. For example, if a roofing company tells you that they can negotiate a complete roof replacement with your insurance company, don't believe it. If the roofing company or claims handler wants you to sign an attorney engagement agreement or asks to endorse a check for you, STOP! Your insurance company won't endorse a check for you and only accept paperwork directly from them.

Permits and Licenses

One big red flag indicating San Antonio roof repair scams is if the roofer says a license and permit are not required. In fact, they not only should a roofer be licensed to perform any roof repair, but they also need to pull a permit before they do any work. Ask a roofer for their license number and search the San Antonio database of licensed roofing companies. Proper permits filed with the City typically obtain approval within 24 hours. Ask to see the permit approval before the roofer begins any work. If an unlicensed roofer repairs or replaces your roof, your insurance company may not approve the claim.

Do Your Due Diligence

Finally, avoid becoming a victim of San Antonio roof repair scams by doing your homework. Ask for recommendations. Check their credentials. Make sure they are insured as well as licensed. Just because a neighbor or friend says that they used a company they liked doesn't mean that company is licensed. As I stated before, unlicensed work may make your insurance company deny the claim.

Pay attention. Keep your guard up when dealing with unsolicited salesmen. Avoid falling victim to any San Antonio roof repair scams. Good luck!

LUX Move Up* by Christine Aldrete Banks, CRS, SRS, RSPS