Most thieves steal based on opportunity. Unfortunately, that includes open houses and private viewings of your San Antonio home. So, it's always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry. Keep enticements to a minimum. Securing your valuables before showing your San Antonio home helps prevent theft of your treasures.

How to Secure Your Valuables While You Sell

Securing Your Valuables Before You List

Securing Your Valuables - Search homes for sale in the San Antonio areaBefore you even list your San Antonio home, take pictures of your valuables (jewelry, expensive artwork, guns, knives, silver, china, and medicine). Make an itemized list of all these valuables including when you purchased them, how much you paid, and how much they're worth. Then, put them out of sight before you take your listing photos. Enterprising thieves use listing photos to identify their targets. Even if you put them away during a showing, thieves know that these items exist thanks to your listing photos. They might try to break in later to look for them. Why hide medicine? They're easy to pocket. Some medicines sell for high dollar on the black market, too. That makes them very attractive to thieves.

Securing Your Valuables Before You Show

Before you show how wonderful Stone Oak living can be, lock up your valuables. Instead of just sticking them in a drawer somewhere, though, stow them inside a heavy floor safe. A light lockbox won't suffice either. A thief can pick that up and take it with them very easily. Or ask a trusted friend or family member to hold on to them during your open house or private viewing. Offer to pay for their security services with a nice homemade treat, gift card, babysitting services for an evening or petsitting during their next vacation. This helps sweeten the pot. If all else fails, take your valuables with you when you leave. Keep them in the trunk of your car or at work, if possible.

Check your homeowner's policy to make sure it includes every valuable you own. If needed, increase your insurance to cover the cost of replacement. Provide a copy of your itemized list as well as photos for your insurance company to keep on hand. Always file away the original list and photos in a secure location for your own safekeeping. Keep jewelry in separate bags to prevent any damage during transport. Wrap your artwork, silver, and china up in bubble wrap for the same reason. Guns and knives can be stowed away in their original cases. Plan ahead and you'll have one less thing to worry about during the home selling process.

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